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Graphic Design / Logo

Evil Factory is a retro ’80s style mobile game with top-down arcade gameplay from Neople and Nexon M. Featuring chiptune music from Jukio “Kuabee” Kallio creator of the soundtracks for the cult hits Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne. When the Nexon team was given the chance to work with Neople to create the brand ID for the game we responded with “you had me at evil.” The pet project of dev studio Neople who previously built Dungeon Fighter Online, Evil Factory garnered rave reviews at launch for its retro feel and ferocious gameplay and continues to maintain a 4.7 star iOS rating and a 4.5 Google play rating two years later. Brand ID started with establishing a logo that spoke to its retro feel but also had an evil edge to it. Utilizing a isometric grid harkening back to such 80’s video game classic as Zaxxon and Qbert the logo and hero image established a retro feel while still being current to todays design aesthetics.